It’s a short list this month. Please send recommendations. 


It’s the feel-good series of 2022! Truly, Hacks is a show that whisks us away from the chaos of today’s society, champagne in hand, and into the sparkly world of Vegas entertainment. What’s not to love about a show where Deborah, Jean Smart’s character, is cast off from a cruise ship full of Lesbians? The second season finishes up so well, that one wonders if they have any new territory to explore, but happily the producers have announced a third season. (HBO Max)

The Hand Maid’s Tale 

Go west young Hand Maid! I’ve reached the point where I want to see this series resolve in some way. June’s on the run — again. She’s alone — again, although she has her baby. And she’s on a ridiculously short, three-car train, packed with American refugees on its way to Vancouver. Checking the VIA Rail timetables, that should take about four days, and there’s no dining or sleeping car. She does ride with a plot-twisty companion, though. Overall, a far better season than the previous, made immeasurably better by Bradley Whitford. (Hulu)

The Village

Did Hacks make you feel a little too giddy? The Village should take care of that for you. The show depicts the grim realities of a remote English farming community in the months leading up to World War I. I wasn’t sure I’d last the first season, but it’s so well-acted, the storyline so intricate and moving, and the characters so richly drawn, I think this series will stay with me for the rest of my life. Being a British series, class struggle rears its ugly head a la Upstairs/Downstairs, but anyone who’s grown up in a small town will recognize the characters. (Amazon Prime)

All Creatures Great and Small

This show exists on the obverse of the same coin as The Village. In fact, I looked up the filming locations just to see if they use the same village but wait for better weather. (They’re about 50 miles apart in northern England.) The scenery is often so breathtaking, it must be happy time for Airbnb hosts in Yorkshire with each season premier. The third season starts off with a long awaited marriage, more sick cows, run-ins with ornery British bureaucrats. It’s like Mayberry, but with veterinarians instead of a kindly sheriff. (Channel 5/PBS)

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