Here’s what I’ve learned about COVID since the pandemic was declared in March 2020.  

THE VIRUS WAS ENGINEERED. We were first told the virus came from one of those Chinese open markets. Now it’s coming out that in fact, the virus was developed in a Chinese lab that received funding from the United States. 

GOVERNMENT PREVENTED EARLY TESTING. At the start of this pandemic,The FDA and CDC stopped private companies from issuing test kits while other governments, like South Korea, got them out almost immediately. 

THE LOCKDOWNS DIDN’T WORK. Government said we needed only two weeks of lockdowns to flatten the curve. A year later, the lockdowns were eased and nothing was flattened except the economy. 

THE VULNERABLE WERE NOT PROTECTED. At the beginning, we heard the sensible calls to focus our efforts on protecting those most vulnerable, like the elderly. Instead, some states like Pennsylvania and New York herded the elderly into nursing homes, where the highest death rates were later recorded. They often died while their loved ones watched on Zoom. 

MASKS HAVE NO EFFECT. The medical establishment used to say that outside of a clinical environment where personnel wore N95 masks, most of what was available to the general public probably had little to no effect on the spread of any virus. However, in April, 2020, they mysteriously changed their tune, and anything was better than nothing.

IS IT REALLY A VACCINE? Doctors and other medical officials told us in no uncertain terms to get the vaccine or die. People who got the vaccine are dying from COVID. We’re told that the vaccine won’t necessarily stop the spread of the virus, but it may lessen the symptoms. This describes a therapeutic, not a vaccine. 

ARE VACCINES SAFE? Government tells us the vaccines are safe, but we’re not allowed to hear or tell the stories about people who have died after taking the vaccine. Anyone who cites these experiences are censored or branded as lunatics. 

COVID IS NOT THE PLAGUE. In the 14th century, the plague wiped out 40% of the population of Europe. The overall verifiable death rate in the U.S. from COVID — absent other comorbidities — is less than 0.1%. If you remove the morbidly obese, the elderly, and the immune compromised, that number shrinks to less than 0.01%, or statistically speaking, an anomaly. 

VACCINES FOR KIDS. Kids under twelve are more likely to die in the backseat of their parents car on the way to school than they are from the virus, but the government may force kids to take what is still considered an experimental drug. 

Addendum November, 2021

ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH. NOR IS TWICE. First they said to flatten the curve, we should social distance. When that didn’t work, they mandated masks. When that didn’t work, they told business to shut down. When vaccines came out, they told us that would stop the disease. When it didn’t, they said we needed a boosters. That didn’t stop the spread either. Now, we’re hearing that we need three shots to be considered “fully vaccinated.” 

Addendum January 2022

OMICRON WAS THE NEW THREAT. NOW IT’S NO WORSE THAN THE FLU. When the omicron variant was discovered in South Africa, we were told to brace for the worst, this despite high vaccination rates in many parts of the country. To be safe, you needed both vaccine shots and a booster. Then the double-vaxxed and boosted were getting COVID (see Elizabeth Warren). Now we’re being told that omicron is no worse than a seasonal flu. 

Addendum, January 2022

COVID KILLED MOSTLY THOSE WITH FOUR OR MORE MORBIDITIES. In March 2020, we masked up and shut down to save lives, but now the CDC director admits that three quarters of COVID deaths were from people with four or more co-morbidities. I’m not sure what this might say about the state of our overall health, but it speaks volumes about overreaction. COVID made lots of people sick, but it tended to kill only those already sick. 

MASKS HAVE NO EFFECT, PART 2: CDC declares that cloth masks are ineffective against the virus and its variants. Recommends everyone wear medical grade masks, such as N95. I await mine to arrive in the mail soon. 

MAYBE MYOCARDITIS IS A THING AFTER ALL. Those sounding an alarm about myocarditis in young healthy men after getting the booster were either ignored or branded as conspiracy theorists. Now the Pentagon is investigating cases of it flaring up among their ranks. Then Monica Ghandi a doctor and disease specialist at UCSF was quoted as saying she’d never give it to her 12 and 14 year old boys. 

Addendum, April 2022

COVID EXPERIENCES THAT DO NOT CONFORM TO THE NARRATIVE GO UNREPORTED. The media will readily report on the extremely rare instances of young and healthy people who died from COVID, often with splashy, frightening headlines. It will completely ignore the similarly rare instances of those who died or nearly died as a result of the vaccine. Any attempt to tell that story on social media will result in blocking, ridicule, or worse.